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IDI Doctoral Conference

CSGSC2016 Program

Single track


Keynote speech by Torulf Mollestad


Coffee break


1. Johannes Jensen: Dynamics in Carbon Nanotubes for In-Materio Computation

2. Eliezer de Souza Da Silva: New probabilistic models for recommender systems with rich contextual and content information

3. Hoda Nikpour: Diagnosing Root Causes and Generating Graphical Explanations by Integrating Bayesian Networks and Case-Based Reasoning


Lunch break


1. Shweta Tiwari: Word Embedding Techniques: Efficient Vector Representation models of Words, Sentences and Paragraphs

2. Sofia Papavlasopoulou: Creative Programing Experiences for Teenagers: Attitudes and Gender Differences

3. Peng Liu: Dynamic Topic-Based Sentiment Analysis of Large-Scale Online News


1. Bjørn Magnus Mathisen: Defining the initial case-base for a CBR operator support system in digital finishing: A methodological knowledge acquisition approach

2. Kristoffer Hagen: Gameplay as Exercise

3. Biswanath Barik: Event Causality Extraction from Natural Science Literature