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IDI Doctoral Conference

CSGSC2011 Program

Track 1, large room

Track 2, small room

9:00, 10 min

Introduction 1

9:10, 45 min

Nils Baas, Topology and Datasets (keynote)

9:55, 25 min

Kai Olav Ellefsen, Evolving the Ability to Learn in Artificial Neural Networks

Agnieszka Pokrywka, Open Source Software as a Creative Tool for Artists

10:20, 25 min

Stefano Nichele, On the Edge of Chaos and Possible Correlations Between Behavior and Cellular Regulative Properties

Anh Nguyen Duc, Requirements-driven Collaboration in Distributed Software Projects

10:45, 30 min

Long break

11:15, 25 min

Vinay Gautam, DNA self-assembly: A Paradigm of Molecular Computing

Anca Deak, Testing and Quality Assurance Recommended Practice in Software Development

11:40, 25 min

Gleb Sizov, Textual Case-Based Reasoning

Muhammad Asif, Location-Aware Services Utilizing Personal Computing Space

12:05, 25 min

Hans Moen, Text Summarization for Summarizing Health Records: Overview

Nafiseh Shabib, Context-Aware Recommender system

12:30, 25 min

Simone Mora, Ubiquitous Computing to Support Reflection

13:00, 1 hour


14:00, 5 min

Introduction 2

14:05, 45 min

Harald Wesenberg,  IT in Statoil Research (keynote)

14:50, 25 min

André Lynum, Pointwise Mutual Information for Natural Language Processing

Rune E. Jensen, Evaluating Register Allocation Algorithms for Recent Processors

15:15, 25 min

Orestis Gkorgkas, Keyword Search in Relational Databases

Erik Smistad, Medical Image Segmentation on the GPU

15:40, 10 min

Short break

15:50, 10 min



Cultural program