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Keynote speaker

Bridget Kane, Research Fellow, Trinity College

Bridget Kane originally trained, and worked, as a biomedical scientist specialising in cell pathology. While working in a senior scientific role as departmental manager, she undertook an M.Sc. Management in organization behaviour. Later, following the successful implementation of an IT project she became interested in health informatics and completed an M.Sc (Health Informatics) in 2003. A thesis reporting on an analysis of multidisciplinary medical team meetings and the use of communication technology was recently accepted for the award of PhD.

Currently Kane is employed as a Research Fellow, and continues to conduct research on the development of a meeting record for multi-disciplinary medical team meetings.

Kane's research interest areas are in the area of clinical decision making (including attention and perception), work processes and meetings in health care. Within the computer science domain, her work is considered to be within the computer support for collaborative work (CSCW) area and some would say that it overlaps the Human-Computer Interaction/user centred design areas also.