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NTNU Computer Science Graduate Student Conference 2006

The Conference will be on May 8th 2006 from 0900 to 1630 at Rica Nidelven Hotel.

As a part of the course DT-8108 - Topics in Information Technology, the students are hosting a mini conference on 2006-05-08 to present their PhD research. If you want to attend, please go to the Registration page and enter your details.


2006-05-05 - Registration deadline 1700 today!

Please register by 1700 today, you can do this at the Registration page.

2006-05-05 - Seminar Schedule Updated

Please go to the Seminar Schedule for latest schedule updates.

2006-05-05 - Dinner

The conference dinner will be at Druen Elvehavna at 1900.

2006-05-03 - Registration opened

Please go to the Registration page and enter your name and e-mail address if you would like to attend.

2006-05-03 - Dinner details

Dinner at Druen Elvehavna at 1900

Forrett: Kammskjell
Hovedrett: Ørret eller Indrefilet av okse
Dessert: Sjokoladeduo


2006-05-08 - CSGSC Conference 2006

By this date it is too late to change or edit anything.

2006-05-05 - Registration deadline

Please register by 1700.

2006-05-03 - All papers must be sent in

Deadline for all papers, so that we have time to do the review session.



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