Important information for speakers/presenters

- Ph.D. student presentations are 15 minutes + 5 for questions

To all speakers on CSGSC 2004

We will provide the computers to be used for the presentations. These will have both MS powerpoint and Acrobat reader installed, and we have Internet access at the hotel. If you have special needs for software or hardware, please tell us as soon as possible.
You must give us the presentation files (powerpoint or pdf) no later than the day before the conference.
If you have to work on the presentation the night before, you must contact the AV-people at 8:30 on the conference day to download the files to the computer. Do not wait until your presentation is about to begin.
You should also have a backup on the Internet somewhere in case the files on the computer magically disappears.

Send files and questions to me.

Asbjorn Djupdal (

[Updated, 20040419]