On-line Registration and Info

Welcome to the Computer Science Graduate Student Conference 2004 at NTNU (CSGSC-2004) online registration system. This systems allows you to register to the NTNU CSGSC-2004 conference on-line.

Important deadlines:

1. April, 2004: Hard copy of paper due to advisor and to Keith Downing.
15. April, 2004: Registration for conference
19. April, 2004: Advisor Consent form delivered to Keith Downing.
On-line version of paper submitted to CSGSC. We MUST have the papers by this date in order to send them out to review among the students.
29. April, 2004: CSGSC Conference

All papers should be 6-8 pages long, and include a SHORT abstract of 100-200 words.

CSGSC 2004 schedule is now ready.

Notes for speakers

Presentation overview. Abstracts and final papers will be placed here as well.

Reviewer registration and preferences.

Please register for CSGSC 2004 here.

To download article templates for word and latex, go here.

To register your presentation, go here.

Advisers: Please fill in the Advisor Confirmation Form, and deliver it to Keith Downing.

If you have problems accessing the online registration system, please contact: svein.arne.aase@idi.ntnu.no, eidheim@idi.ntnu.no.