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8:00  Registration & Setup
8:15  Opening Remarks: Anne C. Elster
8:30  Guest Speaker: Dr. Patricia Lago, Politecnico di Torino — Italy
 "Software Engineering Practice: Issues in Upperware and Network Intelligence"
9:30  Coffee Break
  Sessions 1, 'Adaptive AI'
 Chair: Cassens
Session 2, 'Information Systems'
Chair: Conradi
10:00  Tufte: Bridging the genotype-phenotype
 mapping for digital FPGAs
Conradi: Overview of IDI Sofware
Engineering Group
10:30  Petrovic: Solving LEGO brick layout
  problem using evolutionary algorithms
10:10*  Stav: Applying a grid based
approach to end user component composition
11:00  Pedersen: A framework for
 computational neurology
10:40*  Jørgensen: Active models for
dynamically networking organisations
11:10  Su: Modelling with APM in ERP projects
11:30  Lunch
13:00  Guest Speaker: Prof. Yale Patt, Univ. of Texas at Austin — USA
 "Are there any questions?" (incl. discussion on "What is CS/CSE research")
  Sessions 3, 'Visualization'
 Chair: Downing
Session 4, 'Database Systems'
Chair: Bratbergsengen
14:00  Lindseth: 3D ultrasound and MRI image
 fusion for assessing anatomical shifts and
 improving overview and interpretation in
 ultrasound guided neurosurgery
Tøssebro: Representing uncertainty in
spatial databases
14:30  Constantinescu: Level of detail : an overviewHeggland: Hypermedia annotations
for temporal media
15:00  Coffee Break
  Sessions 5, 'Computer Science'
 Chair: Halaas
Session 6, 'Database Systems'
Chair: Bratbergsengen
15:30  Hvidsten: Computational molecular
 biology : an overview
Hauglid: SESAM : Searching supported
by analysis of metadata
16:00  Hetland: A survey of recent methods in
 efficient retrieval of similar time sequences.
Mallaug: Evolving document type definitions
(DTD's) for integrated health data
16:30  Tveit: A survey of Agent-Oriented
 Software Engineering
Prasolova-Førland: Distance learning :
overview and design issues
17:00  Toussaint
17:30  Banquet Dinner

Paper abstracts are available online here

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